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Phenolic and fatty acid profiles, α‐tocopherol and sucrose contents, and antioxidant capacities of understudied Portuguese almond cultivars
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Ivo Oliveira, Anne S. Meyer, Sílvia Afonso, Alfredo Aires, Piebiep Goufo, Henrique Trindade, Berta Gonçalves
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Ano: 2019
Editor: FoodBiochemistry
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Páginas: 1-12
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Almonds have recognized health benefits, which are largely attributed to their chemical composition, including fatty acids, phenolics, vitamin E, and sucrose. This study was carried with the aim of providing information on the levels of the aforementioned bioactive compounds and antioxidant activities in six understudied Portuguese cultivars (Amendoão, Bonita, Casanova, Molar, Pegarinhos–Moncorvo, Pegarinhos–Murça and Refêgo), in comparison with two foreign cultivars (Ferragnès and Glorieta). A cultivar effect was observed for all the parameters evaluated, with some Portuguese cultivars comparing well and even favorably with the foreign ones. A multivariate analysis of the data allowed a clear discrimination of cultivars and that statistical tool could be used for authenticity purposes, especially for cultivars in‐ cluded in the Protected Designation of Origin “Amêndoa Douro.”